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Urgup in Cappadocia, which is special and we went cave hotel cave hotel, we have a natural warm in winter and cool in summer hvalandır system. About Cappadocia After a very nice plane ride of 45 minutes Turkish Airlines we have Newseh airport. We arrived at the hotel in Urgup before the transfer Private airport. There are only cave hotel in Cappadocia Günya. Cave luxury boutique hotel and this was very large and spacious room. We got up early in the morning and a nice breakfast After the tour, we met at the hotel with our guide. Before we joined, we have to Goreme open-air museum with a nice car and private Cappadocia Tours. Goreme open-air museum spread over a wide area and there where many fairy chimneys and cave. Make people lived They their religious worship and here. We had reserved the church, where the cave is decorated with many beautiful paintings and mosaics of Jesus and Mary. After spreading Christianity it has spread all over Europe here. The 5-7 storey derinkuyu Pole and went to the underground city and the people here place to hide from Roman soldiers and is used as a bad winter snow and stormy weather shelter. There were 5,000 people just keep their life move water with bread and wine. Finally we went to Pigeon Valley, where we watched flight birds of the, including many here at the pigeon. We went to the end of Hisar town and here is the highest peak чтобы увидеть ссылку нужно авторизоваться или зарегистрироваться of Cappadocia here and had very nice views of Cappadocia.





During our trip to Ephesus is the home of the slopes are inhabited by people. Slope right next to the town hall and the home of the opposite of the King There are palace. People are open-air public toilet was used as a combination. Later, consisting of single-storey buildings and a really nice work of architecture that you are the temple of Ephesus. I love heart sign with the house entrance door and this had occurred and many of the rooms There was a natural ventilation system. The exclusive city of Ephesus is spread all over чтобы увидеть ссылку нужно авторизоваться или зарегистрироваться , чтобы увидеть ссылку нужно авторизоваться или зарегистрироваться Europe even after the spread of Christianity here. Asia in Ephesus 

It is known as the capital


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After approximately 1 hour plane ride from the airport to Denizli Pamukkale tours we have. We went 4-star hotel in Denizli Private airport transfer.We met at the hotel in the morning with a nice breakfast after our tour guide. We are 20-25 minutes long journey by private car after Pamukkale. This place is very nicea mountain made of cotton or similar castle. Pamukkale is a spectacular natural wonder here is protected as an area protected by UNESCO. Private We  participated in Pamukkale Tours and Tour Our guide Told us A lot more About the History and Formation of Pamukkale. Evaporation of the Warm cooling water from the Pamukkale mountain As cotton is very soft Made of soil after. Here is Forbidden to Walk with Shoes Made of cotton and we have the Highest Hill Pamukkale Pamukkale and HAD A very nice View from here. Natural Wonders of Pamukkale Denizli is Located Within City Limits 




Pamukkale were highest at чтобы увидеть ссылку нужно авторизоваться или зарегистрироваться the top, where the museum had to Pamukkale, where the goods are made sculptures in kazıar and graves are exhibited here.pamukkale highest peak here and had a very nice view of Pamukkale. Clopatr ancient pool gittit and here there are sculptures made during the Roman Empire. Very spacious and large, this pool, thermal pool with healing water temperature is between 20-25 degrees. It was so nice to swim here. Clopatr to use as a place of beauty and health center. Hirepolis we went to the ancient city and this place is made of ancient Greek and Roman times imparatorulug. Here lived a great number of civilizations. The most beautiful buildings of the city had a capacity of 25,000 people, which is made with stonework theater and performance center. This is very nice after restorationhere were very special concerts and performances. The theater had a very nice sound, light and sound system.

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