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The city of Ephesus is a frommurmillo here are in the province of Aydin. The journey to   Ephesus with Mary woodland and  Bosphorus Cruise   forests located on the very top of Bulbul We have house. First, here it is there is a huge bronze statue made. In place since 1980 by Pope it   has been identified as a place of pilgrimage and this place is very sacred  and cozy place. Even after Christianity spread across Europe spread here. There is a fountain of Mary during the historic  istanbul dinner cruise The Ephesus and here we have an open-air museum has been made at the time of the ancient Greek and Roman empires. The first is used here as people are lumped together as outdoor toilets. municipal building belonging to the king's palace and hillside homes are inhabited by people here.

The cave and the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia are the only cappadocia in the world. In fact, we went with a very special hotel located in Urgup cave special. The summers are cool winter cave hotel features a natural ventilation system with heat. Cave hotel is right next to Central Hisar had a town where the The house is composed of classic Anatolian Turks and the front of the house are the gardens. After the circuit valley and the valley Pasabag flights we watched lots of birds here, including the valley of the pigeon Pigeon went first. Cappadocia is in the list of world heritage by Unesco is protected as a conservation area here. We went to Cappadocia Cappadocia end forts and magnificent views while we ate here watching all morning buffet with organic and natural kehvaltı and had tea and Turkish coffee. The highest peak of the tip and from there we had a great cappadocia cappadocia citadel views. During our trip to Cappadocia, which has the 5-7 storey derinkuyu Pole and underground cities. Where 10,000 people have used to hide from Roman soldiers. Where people lived in underground cities and religious rituals were performed. Finally, there is the town of Avanos Turkey while we went here selling handicrafts and artifacts and souvenirs shops.



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It conquest and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which occurs immediately next to the Ottoman Empire for the first time made the Topkapi palace is made. Sultan Mehmet Baghdad Pavilion built for the first time and increased the number of times mansion. Harem is a very special which had a harem of garden pavilion and swimming pool. The first Ottoman sultan and his family harem section where women live. Harem occurred while a plurality of rooms. The treasures of the Ottoman Empire are exhibited here. There are schools of Enderuni.


During our trip to Ephesus, which are made up of single-storey buildings and the magnificent architecture and art of the Temple of Ephesus. Ephesus are the fountain, which is decorated with Trojan king's statue on bot



 Istanbul and Istanbul private tours we attended a portion of the Asian continent is the only city that is a part of the continent of Europe and in the middle borphorus and sea. Istanbul made The first building, which has been made at the time of the Eastern Roman Empire Hippodrome. Is divided into the capital of the western Roman Empire and the Roman Empire was Rome. The Emperor Constantine Istanbul has been the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. The first inhabitants lived in the Golden Horn in Istanbul area. An inner harbor Golden Horn. Environment surrounded by enormous thick city walls of Istanbul and Istanbul was a city very bosphorus dinner cruise sheltered. It was used as the Hippodrome Arena. Olympic horse races and gladiator battles were held here. 2 obelisk brought from Egypt and the milk snake. Istanbul of Sultan Mehmet in 1453

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